The Worst Compatibility

Saiaku no Aishō?''

Air Date October 27, 2009
Episode 3
Arc Touch & Go arc
Opening Song Baby Universe Day
Ending Song Sun and Moon
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Sweet, Trap


Babysitting Special Duty

Ascoeur has recently developed a bit of a crush on Troisienne and wishes Q-feuille could be more like her. This fixation pisses Q-feuille off, and it develops into a full-blown fight after Ascoeur subsequently disrespects a collector’s item from an anime called "Card Getter Sakura" that Q-feuille loves. Their arguing keeps Alisa and Belle up all night, and as a result, their boss makes Ascoeur and Q-feuille fill in for their friends as front-desk receptionists the next day. Ascoeur and Q-feuille’s problems are set aside though when they encounter an injured man who needs to settle a draft in the next 10 minutes. Using their abilities, Ascoeur and Q-feuille are able to work together to find the right person to deliver this to, and they make it just in time. In the aftermath, the two girls reconcile, and Ascoeur is glad that Q-feuille is her partner. They learn later that it was actually Troisienne’s anime collector’s item that they found earlier, and, much to Ascoeur’s dismay, Q-feuille and Troisienne really hit it off.